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Mutual fund Distributor

There are several ways to start investing in a Mutual Fund scheme.

Health insurance

A health insurance plan helps you maintain peace of mind

Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance plans provide own damage cover

Fire and burglary Insurance

Fire insurance provides coverage against incidents of accidental fire

Group gratuity scheme

The gratuity is, a benefit to be given when the employee retires or shifts job

Employer all risk scheme

Insurance policy is taken by the employer on the life of his employees

Personal accident plan

A personal-accident policy insures you against death

Retired and Enjoy scheme

Retirement means the end of earning period for many

Business continuity plan

Adapt and respond to risks with a business continuity plan

Salary insurance

Being the breadwinner of the family, salary plays an important role in a person’s life

Intellectual property insurance

Protect your company's assets with intellectual property insurance

Child carrier plan

Having financial security for your children is imperative

Child marriage plan

Every parent wants to make the wedding of their child memorable

Estate Creation plan

When you pass on, you want your assets to as well

Group Mediclaim

Generally, this policy is given by employers to employees

Group pension plan

Group pension plan shows employees future welfare and willingness to assist them

Housing loan

Create a space of your own with tailor made home loans

Business loan

Take a plunge and start your own business with our business loans

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