Child carrier plan

Child carrier plan

Child Carrier Plan

Offers an extended term for longer coverage on the life of your child

Having financial security for your children is imperative especially when you are not around to fulfil your child’s dreams. This is where child insurance plans come in the picture. These plans provide a security net for your child’s future dreams by creating an assured financial corpus even in your absence. Child Career Plan is one such life insurance plan which is designed to provide financial support to your child. Let’s understand the plan in details –

Overview of Child Career Plan

Child Career Plan is a child insurance plan which covers the child. This is a traditional money back plan which pays regular money back benefits which provide financial assistance to your child when required. The plan also offers an extended term for longer coverage on the life of your child.

Key features of Child Career Plan

Child Career Plan has the following salient features –

  1. There are two types of premium discounts offered by the plan for the premium payment mode and the sum assured that you choose
  2. Survival benefits are paid in the last five years of the policy
  3. The plan is a participating policy which earns bonuses. Bonuses help in enhancing the benefits payable under the policy
  4. An extended coverage term of seven years is allowed under the plan
  5. On death, the full sum assured is paid irrespective of the survival benefits already received
  6. The policy allows auto coverage even if the premiums are not paid
  7. Premium waiver rider is available as an optional coverage

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