Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Wealth Creator wants to be known as the premier provider of life insurance and financial services solutions in India.  We will achieve this goal with our commitment to the highest level of quality service to our clients, continuous improvement and adaptability to changes in our clients’ situation.  Providing the right protection for our clients is our primary concern.

We want to be recognized as a family-oriented  business and  the financial  advisor  who can always be trusted and depend on.  We extend our services beyond our normal call of duty by contributing our time, talents, and resources to our clients and to the community where we operate.

We want to be known as professional, trustworthy, honest, reliable, and responsible, not only to our clients, but in our daily dealings with one another.

We will achieve all of these  through our most important resource, our people, who are empowered to reflect the deep rooted principles of integrity, stability, and commitment to our vision.


To our clients:

Committed to high standards of customer service in India by providing clients with the best insurance solutions to make sure their loved ones will be financially taken care of  in case of an unforeseen event.

Develop awareness among individuals and families about financial security and protection by providing education and learning from true-to-life stories  to transform them into a more secure and responsible situation in caring for themselves and families.

Help individuals and families concertize their momentum in coming up with ideas on personal financial planning by building up savings,  family  income protection, equity and retirement funds and investments  to create cushion for each individual and family members within the bigger context of financial goals whether short term or long term.


To our Financial Advisors and Employees:

Build trust and confidence among our Financial Advisors and employees by aligning their personal values with the company’s vision and mission to lead them to higher motivation, commitment and higher level of performance.

To the community where we operate:

Help uplift the quality of life of individuals and families in the community through relevant programs in education, livelihood and character  building, either unilaterally or in partnership with other non-profit organization  as a token of  realization that giving back to the community is important in making  significant change in someone’s life.

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